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Our current collections

At the beginning of every season, Holidays and other celebrations, Les Glaceurs offer you to enjoy a selection of unique cupcakes with surprising flavors. These creations are available for a limited time only. Hurry to come and enjoy them!

Cranberries and white chocolate

Vanilla, orange and cranberry cupcake topped with a homemade cranberry compote and white chocolate frosting.

4.25 $ / unit

Energizing Cupcake - Lavender and Lemon

Discover this new collection created in partnership with Naturiste! This vegan cupcake is scented with lavender essential oil and garnished with a creamy icing made with lemon essential oil and Maca powder, a natural energy source and mood enhancer. Less sweet thanks to stevia!

4.25 $ / unit

Gingerbread cupcake

Gingerbread cupcake, garnished inside with a caramel custard. The cake is topped with a whipped cinnamon and cream cheese frosting and a small gingerbread cookie.

4.25 $ / unit

Half-baked chocolate cake

Chocolate cupcake with a melting heart, topped with whipped chocolate icing and crispy chocolate pearls.

4.25 $ / unit

Revitalizing cupcake - matcha and cream cheese

Discover this new collection created in partnership with Naturiste! This cupcake is made with Matcha powder, rich in antioxidants and amino acids, topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting. Less sweet thanks to stevia!

4.25 $ / unit

Sexy Fireman Cake - 4 servings

For the 20th anniversary of the famous firefighters calendar, Les Glaceurs have created, in collaboration with the Fondation des pompiers pour les grands brûlés du Québec, a cake that will blow your mind. Spoil yourself! To support the Foundation and Serious Burn Survivors in Quebec, make a donation here.

28.00 $ / unit

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