Unique & tasty cupcakes & cakes
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Cupcakes & cakes for special events

Want to sweeten an office meeting, or make your new product launch a bang? Les Glaceurs can help by making customized cupcakes!

Please call us or send us an email for more details, or to get a quote.

What the medias are saying about Les Glaceurs:

Best Montreal Red Velvet Cupcakes

If Les Glaceurs didn’t top this list, I’m pretty sure I’d get lynched by the Montreal cupcake community, and for good reason, because this Montreal bakery-institution makes a damn fine Red Velvet cupcake. Made in the classic tradition of cream cheese icing with a lightly cocoa’d cake-base, you won’t go wrong at Les Glaceurs if you’re craving some Red Velvet.

Reccommend Les Glaceurs for your next meeting!

Cupcakes pendant une réunion
Ligne de client à Les Glaceurs
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Les Glaceurs: The very best cupcakes in Montreal!