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Edible ink printing

We offer a printing service using edible paper and food coloring. We are able to replicate logos, photos or even just a simple message; all with great quality results.

Add a personal touch to your sweets and we can assure you that they will not go unnoticed during your celebrations or corporative events.

What the medias are saying about Les Glaceurs:

Get Baked Montreal: Les Glaceurs Has Cupcakes Down To A Sweet Science

MTL Blog continues its search for the city’s best baked good, and now we come to one of Montreal’s most reputable cupcake vendors, Les Glaceurs. For the last five years across Montreal, Les Glaceurs has built a reputation as the premiere cupcake-ery, satisfying sweet teeth with cups of cakey goodness. Great with classic flavours, and with many locations across Montreal, Les Glaceurs earned its cupcake reputation for good reason.

Ligne de client à Les Glaceurs
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Les Glaceurs: The very best cupcakes in Montreal!